• Break Point Down

    Break Point Down

    Kitt Buchanan is young, rich, a champion athlete at the top of his sport, and life is training, travel, and triumph. Talk shows, interviews, magazine articles, fan clubs. Unlimited bank accounts. Can he not be a self-indulgent jerk? Is it possible to be outrageously gifted and balanced too? His focus is a little ball, excellence, getting better and better in less and less. But life abruptly changes, and he has no one to blame but himself. And a few others. But who? And why? And where is the line between courage and stupidity? In Break Point Down a repeat Grand Slam champion follows a dream that quickly gets away from him. Now the skills that made him a champion must make him a man. Read More
  • Write and Wrong

    Write and Wrong

    Write & Wrong is the outcome of years of frolicking through style and grammar books, dictionaries and thesauri. It grew out of hearing and reading thoughts and tinkering with the words they came in, and from streamlining countless manuscripts--fiction, academic papers, articles, instruction manuals, reports, and commercial copy--in happy pursuit of the winning word and the singing sentence. Everybody writes. Write & Wrong is for you if you want to take your writing up a level or two--if you write because your job, your grade, or your degree depends on it. It is especially for you if you write when you don't have to. Read More
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